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License To Heal

License To Heal Book Cover

License to Heal - What To Do When Traditional Medicene Has Failed

Dr. Barlow, Author

Are you living each day with chronic pain? Have you been told that there's no hope for a solution and you're "just going to have to learn to live with it?" Most people (and their doctors) don't understand the root of chronic health problems, but Dr. Andy Barlow is here to help unravel the often mysterious causes of chronic pain.

A chronic symptom is like the check engine light flashing in your car. It alerts you to the problem but doesn't tell you where it's coming from. The good news is that it's possible to untangle your web of dysfunction and find the root cause of your chronic pain.

Using his 7 Keys to Health, Dr. Barlow walks you through simple and effective changes that you can start making today that will help you drastically improve the quality of your life.

About Dr. Andy Barlow

Dr. Barlow is a chiropractor, functional medicine doctor, and neurological specialist who earned his diplomate and completed a fellowship through the elite Carrick Institute and has since taught hundreds of doctors from around the world this life-changing material. At his clinic in Tupelo, Mississippi, he specializes in helping people that traditional medicine has failed. With his characteristic wit and emphasis on taking personal responsibility for your health, take this life-changing journey with Dr. Barlow as he teaches you the 7 Keys to Health and helps you untangle your web of chronic dysfunction.

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